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So, What's Your Story?

The hardest part of writing is not the writing, it's the fear that what you've written isn't any good.

Story analysis can make all the difference.

What is Story Analysis?

Story Analysis?

You poured every ounce of passion—and a gallon of coffee—into those pages.

Every word is critical. Every idea is sacred.

Or are they?

Story analysis gives you a second set of eyes:

  • To understand your work more clearly;
  • To see opportunities and challenges; and
  • To help you improve your work.

Insights on premise, plot, characters, action, and themes; insights can help your work reach the next level.

pencil and paper

Even the most esoteric text book is a story, a narrative flow that draws the reader along. Story analysis can help you maximize this.

speech bubble

Three minutes or 30, alone or backed by slides, story is how you hold your audience. Story analysis identifies ways to strengthen that connection.

Who is
this Story Analyst?

Randall Willis is an award-winning writer with 15+ years' experience in:

  • Screenplay and sketch comedy
  • Novels and stage plays;
  • Magazines and journals; and
  • Marketing and communications.

In short, he gets the ecstasy and the agony of producing truly powerful stories.

2012 Second Rounder
2012 Quarterfinalist
2013 Second Rounder
2014 Winner
2013 Quarterfinalist
2016 Quarterfinalist
2017 Quarterfinalist
2015 Semifinalist
2016 Quarterfinalist

Is He Any Good?

Ask his past clients.

Can He Help My Story?

Contact me and let's find out.

Tell me about your story, and I'll tell you about the types of analysis available and their rates.

Please email me and let's talk.

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